Rockbridge Downloads is an authorized affiliate partner and distributor of these outstanding software / hardware companies:



All suppliers provide us special discounts, promotional codes and resale promotions for our members to take advantage of — often these promotions are not found at the major online or brick and mortar store outlets. They do this in order to help promote their products via grass roots social media networks of smaller affiliated resellers and social networking publishers and distributors such as ourselves.

Yes, we do receive compensation from them (but not from you) to provide you this service.  As a result you enjoy the discounts and we help them reach and create more potential happy customers for the future.

Many of the above companies offer us both free and trial versions of their software, products and services to share with you. This is especially true for the smaller companies that do not have large marketing budgets on the scale of big name suppliers such as Microsoft, Adobe and others. We also carry products with special discounts from these large suppliers as well but only on very selected products!


This is a great way for you to try out new software before purchasing it and if you do purchase it, you can take advantage of a nice discount!

—  Rockbridge Downloads Staff

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