Information on how to backup and edit the Windows Registry for every operating system going back to Windows95 up to Windows Vista, can now be found at Rockbridge Reviews | How To Make Manual Registry Repairs: Some Alternatives.  This information should only be used by individuals who are knowledgeable with working in the registry area of have specific editing instructions from a reliable resource.  Often, Windows Registry errors are the greatest source of problems which slow down your PC.  Rarely is the problem of a “slow computer” related to a hardware problem. Unless you are using a PC from 1980!!

There are numerous ads on TV now claiming how to “double my speed” “Make Your PC Faster” etc. and frankly almost all of them have simply repackaged an effective automated registry cleaner software utility with dollars being spend on TV and Radio to market their products.  The reality, these products have been available on the internet for quite some time.  Some of the very best like PC Health Advisor have been reviewed here.

Proceed with caution and PLEASE – if you are not 100% sure about what you are doing, or you do not have a SPECIFIC SET OF INSTRUCTIONS from the software vendor, we do not recommend that you use a manual approach for editing your registry.