Do you want to uninstall iTunes from your PC but you can't or don't know how to uninstall it? If you really need to uninstall iTunes from your computer then here is a set of step-by-step uninstall instructions to remove all traces of iTunes.


Uninstalling iTunes with Manual Registry Edits… (Advanced Users Only)

1. Just go to Start on the left-bottom of your desktop.

2. Click on Settings and then Control Panel.

3. Find and double click on “Add/Remove Programs” (XP ) / Programs and Features (Vista).

4. Then a window will pop up with a detailed information of the programs installed on your computer.

5. Here, find iTunes and click on “Change/Remove” button to remove it.

The second thing that you need to do is to check and delete all related iTunes files and clean up its registry keys. At this time, try to find whether the following directories still exist in your system. If they do, simply delete them from your computer.

  • C:\Program Files\ITunes
  • C:\Program Files\Common Files\ITunes

Back up your operating system for this next part before proceeding at your own risk.  Making registry edits without knowing what you are doing is an easy way to crash your system!

The third thing it to go to Start – Run, and type Regedit and press Enter to access registry editor. Here, you should locate HK_LOCAL_MACHINESoftware and then delete all entries associated with iTunes key. Be careful here otherwise a simple mistake or mis-deletion will result in complete system corruption.

How To Uninstall iTunes Automatically Using Automated Uninstaller Software:

There is an easier and safer way to uninstall iTunes. It does require a minimal investment in a good software uninstaller utility. It can be uninstalled using special uninstaller software or third-party iTunes uninstaller download package. We offer one here on our site in the Software Uninstallers section. It will quickly scan the system to not only remove the all folders that related to iTunes, but also remove all entries fully from Windows registry database. There is no need for you to worry that it will leave unwanted leftover registry entries on your computer. The automated software will clean that up ( or you need to use RegCure ).

In a word, it is much safer and easier to download a free powerful iTunes uninstaller to remove all traces of iTunes and other unwanted programs from your computer. This ensures a complete full iTunes uninstall process within clicks. You can also find out more information with step by step instructions over at How To Uninstall iTunes .com

You can find the fully automated How To Uninstall iTunes eBook Download Package ( with uninstaller software included along with full instructions) here in the Software Uninstallers section of our website.